Autocratic leadership within the music industry

Autocratic leadership within the music industry

The music company is usually ignored in terms of autocratic leaders. Whether it’s the maestro for the Boston Pops orchestra or the lead guitar player for a chart-topping musical organization, every effective music ensemble takes a frontrunner to keep persistence and durability.

Two not likely modern samples of popular bands with autocratic leaders are Tom Petty therefore the Heartbreakers as well as the Eagles.

Petty, a Florida indigenous in addition to frontrunner of his self-titled musical organization, can be a perfectionist that is infamous. As a frontrunner, he could be autocratic and demanding. Petty is credited with single-handedly leveraging record labels to generally share a bigger take for the earnings, from which today’s artists nevertheless benefit. Petty can be unabashed about their choice to dismiss the founding drummer from their musical organization for just what amounted up to a sensed not enough dedication.

Glenn Frey, a Michigan native turned permanent Arizona resident, co-founded the Eagles. Frey features a reputation as a leader that is autocratic espoused the “my way or even the highway” design through the Eagles’ successful, if rocky, road to stardom. Frey makes no apologies for their belief which he and co-founder Don Henley had been the machines that drove the Eagles to popularity and fortune.

Samples of autocratic leadership in business

Contrary to opinion that is popular most enterprises are well-suited for the autocratic leadership design at some degree. Although start-ups tend to be well launched under a transformative, democratic or laissez-faire form of leadership, many companies later take advantage of autocratic leadership.


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