Development of Learning Materials in Schools

The development of learning materials using various media is quite good for the teaching process in schools in Bangkok. In developing the material, teachers must be more creative when presenting subject matter. Because, when the teacher gives something new in teaching, students will be more eager to know what will happen next.

And when that has been done, there will be a different impression in the minds of students. Two possibilities are remembered by students, among those who want to be given the material in the same way as before because they are happy and feel comfortable while studying. Or they want to be taught in a better way than students want.

Teachers in developing subject matter must think about how the impact will be experienced by students, meaning teachers must look at the benchmarks acceptable to students.

the development of these materials can make children better understand their intentions and delivery, or students feel burdened by adding ways to provide material. That way, the learning provided can follow the student’s capacity.

Some material development can be done in the learning process, such as explaining in detail how it happened, then telling where something can be formed, then asking students to make other things from the material.

To explain a material, the teacher not only tells the story in front of the class and students become the radio listeners of the teacher, but the teacher must explain the basics and students look for other material or material that also explains the chapter being discussed. Next, telling the things that have happened, must start from the beginning. So that children understand better, and the story is not always monotonous but uses language that is easily digested by children and interrupted stories using examples. Finally, assign students to make crafts in the form of other material that has been taught.

Some of these ways are very effective in developing learning material. Because in addition to teachers who are actively looking for something new to teach, students are also active in the learning process in class.