Early Childhood Education is Important for Growth Child

Nowadays parents begin to feel the need for early childhood education at school and some even begin at 18 months.

So, many schools now open early childhood education in international school bangkok.

In addition to preschool, childcare is also often found in the city center, including Bangkok. Parenting becomes a busy parent due to early childhood education while the child continues to receive attention and care while the parents work.

The Golden Age: an important time for early childhood education

The period from when the child is born until the age of more than 4 years is believed to be a golden period where children experience a rapid increase.

The learning process in early education can achieve optimal results if the child gets stimulation following the development of his age.

Children learn through observation, experimentation, and communication with others. The future is very important as the main foundation for the development of children at a later age.

Therefore, there are now many schools for early childhood education (preschool) with a variety of educational methods to improve children’s abilities.

There are 5 important aspects of early childhood education:

• Motor or physical ability: the physical development of the child is developed including gross motor skills such as sports and fine motor skills such as playing puzzles, doing handicrafts

• Cognitive abilities: how children live in their environment and how to solve problems

• Social ability: children learn to communicate with others

• Emotional ability: children can control emotions and self-confidence

• Language skills: children learn to communicate with others and ask their feelings and emotions through language.

Why is school important for early childhood education?

There are differences in results achieved by children who attend school early in preschool.

In addition to learning to recognize numbers, letters, and shapes, children also learn how to socialize with other children by learning to share and respect others. Children who get an education in preschool are better prepared to get a kindergarten.

Children have a better ability to prepare to read, more words and basic mathematics than children who do not study in preschool.

Of course, early childhood education in schools is given in a different way from elementary school children where children will learn more through playing and talking.