Know the Serious Diseases that Lurk, Fat People,

Parents often use the excuse that it’s okay to be fat, as long as it is healthy. Yet this stereotype is completely wrong.

Having a fat body turns out to have a higher potential for contracting several diseases than people with ideal body weight. In addition to the body becoming less fit and proportionate which at the same time decreases the level of self-confidence, obesity can also trigger several diseases below.


Fat circulation becomes messier and irregular when we are overweight. In obese humans, it is not impossible that too much fat can block blood flow to the brain, causing a stroke.


Obese people usually have problems controlling the portion and type of food consumed. As a result, this unhealthy diet is the main reason for diabetes triggers.

High blood pressure

Not only mothers and fathers who have the potential to suffer from high blood pressure. It turns out that young people who are overweight also have the potential to experience this one disease. Excess fat makes blood circulation narrower. The result can increase blood pressure and end up with high blood pressure.

Heart attack complications

As mentioned above, excess fat can cause the circulatory pathway to become narrower than it should be. Likewise blood circulation to the heart. Poor blood supply to the heart causes symptoms of heart disease to be felt by obese people from an early age.


Obesity or overweight plays an important role in the active formation of cancer cells. Common cancer risks of obese people are colon cancer, breast cancer and throat cancer.


Having a fat body, of course at the same time holding excessive body weight. Symptoms of osteoporosis are very likely to be felt by people who are overweight because the body has to withstand unnecessary weight and loads.

Sleep anea

Sleep anea is a condition where a person has difficulty sleeping soundly and snores during sleep. Obese people are more likely to suffer from this one case. The airways during sleep are narrower in people who are overweight.

Even though you feel healthy, but if your body is fat, the diseases above have lured you. Don’t ever leave your healthy life. For those who have not lived a healthy life, start living with a healthy pattern. Never underestimate your weight!

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