Day: June 15, 2021

Best Strategies To Ace Your GRE ExamBest Strategies To Ace Your GRE Exam

A great plan of action will always help you to achieve something great. Any competition requiring physical activities will always need innumerable hours of practice. The same thing goes for the GRE exam. You are required to put in hours of hard work to stand out. But some specific tips and special guidance are required to help you go for the gold.

The Ultimate Strategies For GRE Exam

There are numerous strategies by which you can get a fabulous result in your GRE exam. Here, they have been streamlined for your ease. Below are some ways that will surely help you to up your game as you prepare for the examination.

Deal With Multiple Blanks

The GRE exam contains a set of questions where a candidate is required to fill in one, two or three blanks with the appropriate answer. Moreover, there’s no partial credit in these questions.

Many candidates may consider these multiple-blank questions as more difficult than single-blank questions. But this is not necessarily so. In these questions, you get a greater number of context clues that help you to choose the correct words required. You never have to fill up the blanks in order. So, starting with the easiest blank will do no harm.

Map The Passage Well

For the GRE exam, you have to practice active reading. The topics usually vary. But a good thing is that the same types of questions are asked irrespective of the subject matter of the passage. For this, you have to master the proper way of reading and taking notes. More appropriately, chalking out the passage will give you greater ease while answering questions. So, noting down some of the elements like – the main idea of the passage, any judgement or some source of outlook and even the whole structure of the passage will help you to keep the details in mind.

Backsolve For Problem Solving

Problem solving may look like a lot of work. But it is really easy if approached in a correct manner during your GRE exam. Backsolving is more like checking your work. This is a great plan of action when it comes to the part of problem solving. You can plug in the given options into the questions and find out the correct solution. This will also clear any controversy over the solution to the question. This method will increase your chances of getting the correct answer depending on the first part of the calculations.

Master Eliminating Answer Choices

Your GRE exam will contain a part with Sentence Equivalence questions. Here, a blank will be provided and you will be required to choose two words from a given list of six words to fill the blank. The requirements here are that the sentence should make sense and the sentence should have the same meaning. Applying the process of elimination can give you an upper hand here.

For suppose, if two words are synonymous but they would not make sense in the sentence, eliminate those … Read More...

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