Whenever can ZIP codes be incorporated into de-identified information?

Whenever can ZIP codes be incorporated into de-identified information?

Covered entities can include the initial three digits regarding the ZIP rule if, based on the present publicly available information through the Bureau associated with Census: (1) The geographical product created by combining all ZIP codes with the exact same three initial digits contains a lot more than 20,000 people; or (2) the original three digits of the ZIP rule for many such geographical devices containing 20,000 or less individuals is changed to 000. Which means that the first three digits of ZIP codes could be contained in de-identified information except once the ZIP codes support the initial three digits placed in the dining dining Table below. In those instances, the very first three digits should be detailed as 000.

OCR published a last guideline on August 14, 2002, that modified particular requirements within the Privacy Rule. The preamble to the rule that is final the first three digits of ZIP codes, or ZIP rule tabulation areas (ZCTAs), that have to change to 000 for launch. 67 FR 53182, 53233-53234 (Aug. 14, 2002)).

Using 2000 Census information, the after three-digit ZCTAs have populace of 20,000 or less people. All records with three-digit ZIP codes corresponding to these three-digit ZCTAs must have the ZIP code changed to 000 to produce a de-identified data set utilizing the safe harbor method. Covered entities should not, nonetheless, are based upon this listing or even the one based in the August 14, 2002 regulation if more present information has been posted.


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