10 things you need to never ever say to some body from Pakistan

10 things you need to never ever say to some body from Pakistan

1. “Wow! Your English is truly good!”

Here is the many comment that is common from Pakistan will hear the 1st time they will have a discussion having a foreigner. Folks are surprised that hornet anybody from Pakistan, not to mention a girl, can talk, read, and compose in proficient English. The planet expects us become either the frothy-mouthed zealots or mini-mart owners they see on television.

In Pakistan, very nearly the whole college curriculum is taught in English, and this has generated generations of Pakistanis who navigate English with complete simplicity. My very first language is English, but i’ve Pakistani buddies whose English is indeed well talked which they make my musings seem like the workings of a epileptic monkey at a typewriter.

2. “Do you guys have TV / the web / cell phones over there?”

Even we finished up bad for this one whenever I went along to Pakistan on a holiday this past year, after a gap that is six-year. We left my smartphone behind, thinking there clearly was no part of using it. Cue every one of my cousins constantly uploading selfies on Facebook and updating their Twitter records like there’s no tomorrow. Meanwhile, we felt like a total idiot with my old cellular phone that didn’t have even a digital digital camera.

That isn’t exclusive to your big urban centers either — this happened in the dusty town where we was raised.

3. “Pakistani girls are incredibly innocent.”

We have Cosmo in Pakistan too, and merely since there is formally “no dating” does not suggest there aren’t methods around that.


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