It will be important for each teacher to have a private philosophy of teacher schooling based on a set of values and rules. Rosenzweig proclaims a “very personal sort, a sort of philosopher of world view, one who takes a place” (Star 143), who rises and flourishes on the pedestals of freedom, accountability and skill at the time of the assembly of man, God and the world and, in regard to a Jew, throughout his struggle with the Jewish lifestyle of sensible commandments.Philosophy of education

In engaged learning, students must be self-disciplined as a result of they assume responsibility for their own learning. Socrates argues that Philosophy equips students with the ability set wanted to stay the great life. Social Sciences: -Social Sciences offers with collective life and relationship between particular person and society.Philosophy of education
They also develop into explorers and get involved in several aspects of their studying surroundings similar to students underneath a discovery-based learning method. Fells: Based on what we have discussed, I agree that the aim of schooling can be summarized as preparing students to dwell the nice life.Philosophy of education
John Dewey, one of the most distinguished academic philosophers, in his book ‘Democracy and Schooling’, even devoted an entire chapter on teacher schooling philosophy and talks about various elements that play a formative role in the schooling of children.
Body has certain bodily needs for survival or continuation of life equivalent to meals, water, and sleep, thoughts has some instinctual needs for interactive life resembling parental intuition, gregarious intuition, studying intuition, and sex instinct, and soul has some ingrained urges towards moral excellence.