Numbers, Nature, And Philosophy (Half 1)

Learning is the method of acquiring any information that modifies an individual’s habits, values and data base. Bacon, who 200 years earlier distrusted thought in and of itself and favored data based on phenomena of nature and experiment, and Hans Vaihinger, who asserted two generations after Hegel that thought is unable to acknowledge the “absolute fact, ” were only two of many philosophers who disputed Hegel’s claim.
From the above data it can be mentioned that the aim of education is to prepare the scholars to have the ability to face their life by facilitating them to develop their mind and equip them with “onerous ability” and “smooth ability” to deal with reality.
It’s growth of all these capacities in the individual that will allow him to control his setting and fulfill his prospects.” We may outline schooling as, Education is the mean whereby adults move on and inculcates to …

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